The Best Cloud Storage for Law Firms Is Here, and It’s in the Cloud

Are you still tripping over bankers’ boxes full of matters that you need to keep hold of for years? Do you waste hours of time every time something needs digging out from an old case and you must search through endless boxes? Did you know there was another way? The best storage for law firms is no longer physical.

Cloud storage for attorneys is the way forward and once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your old system. All your files will be stored digitally in a searchable, secure archive taking up no space in your office and saving you endless hours of filing and searching through boxes. If you’re ready to save cash with no further need to pay for physical space, endless purchases of bankers boxes and employee time organizing them, then read on, we’ll be looking a little closer at the best cloud storage for law firms.

The law firm cloud is not the same as your photo cloud

Law firm cloud storage isn’t the same as the free cloud you might use personally. But just what should you be looking for in the best cloud storage for law firms? The top providers of cloud storage for PI law firms use Microsoft Azure servers which are kept secure by thousands of cybersecurity personnel. Data is backed up in multiple locations so even physical catastrophic events won’t affect your data. And with a simple Google search, you can find what you are looking for amongst all your old matters.

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The best cloud storage for law firms

Once you subscribe to CloudLex you can use our matter storage on the secure servers mentioned above for a simple archive fee starting $15 one-time-per-matter. Retrieve and re-archive for no additional fee and say goodbye to endless boxes around your office!

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Ready to get started?

The best cloud storage for law firms is simple to use. Within your CloudLex software, you can easily archive matters (including notes, calendar entries, all documents, tasks, etc) and retrieve them.

Schedule a free demo today and we’ll show you how our unique solutions can transform your personal injury law firm.


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