6 More Ways Your Law Firm Wins When You Switch to Cloud-Based Legal Case Management Software

Welcome back to your favorite game show, “Why Haven’t You Switched to Cloud-based Legal Case Management Software Yet?” We’ve previously detailed the rules and “prizes” available to you once you make the switch—but if you need a refresher, check out our prior episode.

But the gist is—switch to the cloud, win big. And for this installment, we’re introducing you to even more prizes. Of course, those firms who have already made the switch to the cloud-based practice management software continue to win…and they’ll continue to win every day. But for those of you who have yet to buzz in on migrating to the cloud…


Here are 6 more ways your personal injury firm will win by making the move:


1) Stack cash, not boxes:

We begin where we left off: in the stacks. Since our first blog, you’ve likely been drowning in piles upon piles of paper; well, the cloud lets you breathe.

Instead of lugging boxes, paying for expensive storage space, and being overwhelmed with legal files, you can simply lug your finger to your mouse and store all your paper and digital files in the cloud (for easy access and more room) with the mere click of a button…i.e., the only paper you’ll be stacking is cash.


2) Stop playing hide and seek with your documents:

When you want to find out where to eat or who’s the best mechanic in your area, you don’t go searching through a room full of boxes—you go to Google and get your answer in a matter of seconds…and you should expect the same standard when your firm is looking for answers.

When your files are in a cloud-based law practice management system, you can wade through your entire case history (using keywords and tags) and find that key medical record as fast as you can google the best dish at your neighborhood Thai place.

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3) Easy integration:

You shouldn’t have to rely on piecemeal solutions designed to support antiquated technology to meet your PI needs. Your firm should use tech that doesn’t require work (or money) from you just to make it work.

Modern cloud based law firm software update while you sleep and are easily integrated with your favorite productivity apps so you can focus on completing tasks, instead of completing software updates.


4) Care about sharing:

The cloud makes updating your colleagues and clients easy. Remember all the time you’ve wasted uploading case files? Worried about sending an outdated draft? Rushed across town on a Sunday to grab that file from your office? Well, with the cloud you don’t have to.

The cloud gives you tracking and access to your matters from anywhere and updates in real time so you can securely keep everyone on the same page without having to spend time writing emails the length of novels.


5) Put your firm in the palm of your hand:

One of the best aspects of your favorite cloud-based entertainment services (e.g., Netflix, Spotify, Hulu) is that you can download the app and take them with you whenever you’re on the go. Shouldn’t your work have the same flexibility as your play? Well, with the cloud it can…because cloud-based mobile apps give you the flexibility to run your firm even if you’re out for a run.


6) Feel at ease:

Cloud technology is the prevailing modern technology. It’s the same technology that powers the social media on your phone or the playlist on your plane ride…what we’re trying to say is it’s familiar.

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And in this case, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt—it breeds an entire staff (from the partners down to the interns) that can intuitively go about their business quickly, productively, and without hours of training to save time.


Speaking of familiarity…if you want to get to know our Next-Gen Legal Cloud®️ designed exclusively for PI attorneys, you don’t have to wait for us to ask you to “come on down.” All you have to do is sign up for a free demo and you’ll immediately be shouting “let’s make a deal”…press your luck with us, we promise there will be no whammies!