How Legal Workflow Automation Tools Can Streamline Repetitive Tasks

Whilst every day may feel different as you run your PI law firm and win your cases, the actual tasks that you and your team are required to carry out for each case are incredibly similar. We would even go so far as to say, exactly the same. Repetition is the cornerstone of automation, so with repetitive tasks comes legal workflow automation to take the weight of these tasks off your plate. Read on to see how CloudLex’s automation capabilities can solve your professional problems.

Problem 1: With each new case you spend a lot of time instructing your staff what they need to do, keeping track of these assignments and checking you don’t miss any deadline. 


With CloudLex routine tasks can be set up as a legal workflow automation and assigned to the necessary team members. Once set up, you can assign these repetitive tasks with a click of a button every time you start a new case so that nothing gets missed. Your staff will receive updates and emails, and you’ll have an overview of all outstanding tasks and deadlines so your firm never misses an important date again. 


Problem 2: Your software doesn’t adapt to your firms’ working processes. 


Just because CloudLex assists you with automation, doesn’t mean it’s not flexible too. Create your own custom workflows for any stage of your cases, from administrative tasks, to paralegal tasks, to firm-wide tasks, you can create as many workflows as you need. Once a case enters intake you assign the legal workflow automation and sit back knowing that your team has all been informed of what they need to do, with alerts, reminder emails, and your own dashboard to oversee the firm there’ll be no missed deadlines, a more organized firm and less stress for you. 

Try legal workflow automation with CloudLex and see how automation could streamline the working process of your firm, leaving you more time to win cases and grow your business. To find out more, sign up for a FREE demo with our team today.

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