How to Raise Your Profile on Personal Injury Lawyer Directories and Find Success

They say you have to spend money to make money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your money wisely. Thousands of prospective clients search for personal injury lawyers for their personal injury claims on the internet every single day. But, how do you get those potential clients to find you, without you having to search for a bunch of cash for your marketing budget? The answer….? It’s right in front of you: personal injury lawyer directories. Legal directories are the modern-day equivalent of phone books; but with legal directories, you don’t have to be at the top of the alphabet to show up at the top of search results.

There are several easy and budget friendly ways to increase your visibility on personal injury legal directories—here’s our ranking of the top 6 tips for increasing your profile search rank:

Smile for the camera

You wouldn’t trust a social media friend request from someone without a profile picture, so why would you expect clients to trust you to represent them without getting a look at you first? First impressions matter in real life and they matter online too—pictures bring a personal touch to the very impersonal environment of the internet. Be sure to use a high quality shot that conveys you’re caring and professional. And don’t forget to label the photo with your name and your law firm’s, so it’ll show up when someone searches for you on the net.

Start from the top

Whether you’re selling newspapers or legal services, headlines matter. This is where you grab your prospective clients’ attention. Pretend you only have an elevator ride to pitch yourself—What do you want to convey the most? What sets you apart from your competitors? If a profile picture is akin to your “looks”, then a headline is like a pickup line. Keep it short and creative, and frame it in terms of what you can do for your clients. If you can, try to include terms that you think that plaintiffs will search for when looking for a personal injury attorney.

Tell us about yourself

A doctor can’t diagnose you, if you don’t tell them what’s wrong—and a prospect can’t determine if you’re a good fit, if you don’t tell them what’s right. The “About Us” section is your place to brag…but only a little. Expand upon what you said in the headline, but the same rules still apply: keep it brief, include keywords, and take advantage of whatever features the site offers (photos, videos, links, etc.). You should treat this section like your Instagram profile and only give the good stuff, i.e., who you are and what you excel at—highlight your subspecialties in the personal injury practice area, share key firm info, and all milestones, awards, and big wins. And remember: update your profile regularly so you don’t risk losing your profile search rank.

Get rolling with video

Like photos, videos are a great way to add a human element to your profile; they allow for storytelling in a more digestible and personal format than text—that’s why it’s such a great vehicle for content like client testimonials. To maximize engagement with your profile and encourage follow up, make your videos look professional, choose an engaging thumbnail, put your name and specialties in the title, be sure you include your contact info, and embed the video from YouTube so you can track analytics and direct prospects to your YouTube page...for even more engagement!

Bask in the praise

Encourage your clients to leave short (and hopefully positive) reviews on your legal directory profiles. People really respond to social proof and the more reviews you get, the higher your profile search rank will go.

Keep in contact

We’ve already mentioned this a bunch of times, but it bears repeating: people can’t get in touch with you, if they don’t know how. Be sure to include accurate contact info (including your social media handles) in your profiles…both early on and often—it makes things easier for prospects and helps broaden your online presence so you’ll start coming up in people’s searches more and more.

Bonus Tip

It may go without saying, but the more legal directories your profile is on, the more chances potential clients have to discover your skills—so start signing up for more legal directories and start signing up more clients.

And while you’re in “signing-up mode”, sign up for a free demo of our next-gen cloud-based legal platform…our contact info is plastered all over this site...or you can find us in legal directories under “the best thing to happen to your personal injury firm.”


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