Put the Personal in Personal Injury: How You Can Better Serve Your Clients

The role of a personal injury attorney is forever evolving—but one thing remains the same: clients are the lifeblood of any successful PI firm…without clients, casebooks remain on shelves and financial books remain in the red.

That’s because the practice of law is a service—i.e., your livelihood is premised upon making your clients feel better. Lucky for you, satisfying your clients’ needs has never been easier and we’re here to show you how. Below we detail what clients expect in a modern PI lawyer and how your firm can use today’s next-gen legal technology to successfully achieve those goals.

How would your clients like to be treated?

1) With sympathy...

Personal injury clients are different than other clients—it’s evident in the name…personal + injury. They come to you with extremely personal causes of action that are close to their heart and a wide-array of injuries (both physical and mental) that can often affect them for the rest of their lives.

As a result, they want an attorney that views them as a person and not a paycheck; someone that’s aware of their fragile state before they even step foot in your door; a person that will make things easy for them from the very start and bring them relief, not additional burden.

2) With honesty…

Bearing that last point in mind, personal injury clients have been through enough—they don’t want to be setup for more disappointment. That’s why it’s important to accurately manage clients’ expectations—be realistic with their chances of success, inform them of impending events and their potential consequences, prepare them for upcoming costs and obligations, and set up a realistic communication plan—so they’re not shocked when things don’t go as hoped.

After all, a disappointed client is a talkative client (i.e., negative comments on social media, rating sites, to friends), which could lead to irreversible effects on your firm’s reputation, goodwill, and bottom line.

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3) As your top priority…

We’ve already mentioned that clients are the lifeblood of your firm…and they should be treated as such. Every decision should be made with your client’s best interests in mind and that needs to be echoed in your messaging—from your website to your social media, it should be clear that your clients come first.

But you can’t stop there because we all know actions speak louder than words—you need to be able to promptly respond to your clients, proactively meet their needs, treat them with the respect they deserve, and represent them with everything you’ve got.

How can CloudLex help you meet those needs?

Plain and simple: CloudLex was designed to help you meet the unique needs of personal injury clients. From intake to closure, CloudLex enables you to provide clients with exemplary service through our comprehensive suite of groundbreaking apps, including (but not limited to): our Client Messenger app, which lets you share vital info with your clients in a centralized portal that they can access whenever; our Matter Manager app that allows you to successfully manage client needs through a bevy of organizational features; and our top-notch cybersecurity precautions that guard your clients’ most sensitive info so they always feel safe.

Add all that up and it equals a sympathetic and attentive attorney that’s focused on client needs…and that’s just the tip of the nice-berg. If you’d like to learn all the ways CloudLex can make you the client-friendly attorney of everyone’s dreams, head on over to our website and treat yourself to a free demo…you’ll be doing yourself (and your clients) a service.