Better Organize Your Personal Injury Cases with CloudLex®

Time is valuable, whether you’re spending time with your family or you’ve spent the day working on a car accident or medical treatment case. As a busy personal injury lawyer, you don’t want to spend ages looking for that one medical record or police report that seems to have disappeared. You certainly don’t want to go back to the office because you left it there. Don’t worry,  we’re here to help. Below, we’ve outlined 3 areas where the organization of your personal injury cases might need improvement, and how CloudLex can help. 

Improve Your Intake

As a personal injury attorney, your intake documents will often be recorded on paper which can be easily misplaced, wasting time and risking your professional reputation. But, if you organize your personal injury cases with our Intake Manager you’ll eliminate this worry. With CloudLex Intake Manager, all intake files are online, not on paper. Your team can gather all the necessary information straight into the clients Intake Manager file. You can even send an Intake form via email to the client to fill out (invaluable in COVID times!) and the information will automatically populate in CloudLex. You’ll upload medical and insurance forms and any other documentation directly into their file, keeping everything in one, secure place.  When you’re ready to convert them from lead to client you can transfer all the case information into our Matter Manager with just one click. 

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Declutter Your Document Management

There are a lot of people on your team that may need access to your files, and not just from the office. You simply can’t have thousands of documents stored in bankers boxes anymore. In addition to the impracticality if your team is not working from the office, how much time is wasted with your team having to go physically search for something?  CloudLex’s Matter Manager allows you to search through your case data by document type (e.g. “medical appointments” or “medical bills”) or by keywords (e.g. “lost wages” or “auto accidents”) easily finding what you need. 

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Care for Your Calendar

It’s very easy to miss a deadline, but the wrong deadline and your career could be in jeopardy. You will often have the same events (e.g. motions, hearings, statute of limitations) associated with different cases. CloudLex’s calendar feature helps you stay on top of deadlines. You can assign tasks for any stage of litigation, get regular reminders and follow-up emails. And not just within CloudLex. You can sync CloudLex with your Outlook or Gmail calendar too. 

Organize your personal injury cases and documents by contacting us today and request your free demo of CloudLex.