Feed Your Firm More Than Just Case Management Software with CloudLex

Wouldn’t it be nice if the minute you were hungry, the food you wanted to appear? Take-out from your favorite Italian spot? On the table. Your grandmother’s deviled eggs? In the fridge. A snack for the gym? Here’s a to-go bag. A reservation at that trendy new Mexican place? Right, this way.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works: the Mexican place is booked through 2020; your pasta spot takes over an hour to deliver; you forgot to grab snacks at the store; your grandmother lives in Cleveland, and you’re stuck in a deposition all day—so you’ll have to figure out some makeshift plans to satiate your hunger.


What does this have to do with law?

Great question. There’s also a lot that goes into filling your personal injury appetite: case management, document management, intake, marketing, drafting, and editing, collaborating with colleagues, calendaring, updating clients, delegating tasks, protecting and storing your data…the list goes on and on. In the past, you’d have to fill these Personal Injury hunger pangs using piecemeal “solutions” that required a bunch of work to discover and even more to use—lots of passwords, subscriptions, training, toggling, and failed attempts at synergy among them; basically, it was like eating a bunch of small snacks, instead of a hearty and nutritious meal—you weren’t left with a ton of energy to focus on what really matters…advocating for your clients.


That is until now. CloudLex’s state-of-the-art cloud-based case management software solution has revolutionized personal injury software by offering everything a PI law firm needs in one place—like the Cheesecake Factory…but better.


What is CloudLex?

CloudLex is more than just legal case management system—it’s a next-gen solution to solve all your problems. It allows you to build, manage, and grow your PI practice seamlessly from intake to closure and beyond—from within one single platform. From the moment you open CloudLex, you can easily access your favorite apps and features through our navigation screen: Launchpad.


Our comprehensive personal injury platform includes the following apps:

  • Intake Manager:

    Gives you an effective process to attain and manage leads. Our intelligent forms guide you through intake so you don’t miss anything—and our marketing reports help you operate informed and boost your profits.
  • Referral Engine:

    Lets you send out and take on referrals from a growing community of plaintiff attorneys. Partner firms can execute fee agreements, share case info, and track changes to referred matters seamlessly in the app.
  • Digital Archiver:

    Frees up the space and resources you need to grow your PI law practice. All data from your closed cases (even digital correspondence) can be archived for a period of 7 years on a secure and HIPAA compliant server.

…and that’s just the tip of the efficiency iceberg. CloudLex delivers you an infinite-course menu of apps, features, integrations, and tools that go way beyond case management software and satisfies all your personal injury needs. To learn more about our ever-growing suite of solutions and become inefficiency’s worst nightmare, there’s only one stop you need to make: CloudLex’s all-in-one cloud platform…sign up for a free demo now.