Very Personal Injury: Why Your PI Firm Needs a Legal Platform Designed for PI Practices

This isn’t rocket science. Every profession uses tools specific to their job—and while some professions are the same in name, that’s where the similarities end. For example, while rocket scientists and botanists are both scientists, they couldn’t be more different in terms of what they do and how they do it.

And the same goes for the practice of law—if your friend comes to you with a complicated question of constitutional law, you might be able to remember something from your 1L year to point them in the right direction, but you wouldn’t feel comfortable taking on their case.

So why do you feel comfortable using generic software and piecemeal solutions designed for any and all lawyers to run your PI practice? The answer is, you shouldn’t.

Here’s what makes PI firms different and why you need a legal platform specifically designed for you

  • Your payment structure is differentOther lawyers have it easy—they get clients to sign a retainer at intake covering their projected fees and then bill clients for their work as they go. PI attorneys, on the other hand, are like the stuntmen of the legal profession, taking on all the risk—you put your own time and money into your cases and then hope to get paid down the road (if all goes well).
  • Your logistics are differentNo doubt that other practice areas deal with sophisticated litigation, but you deal with cases that are uniquely complex to the personal injury arena. You’re often tasked with managing multiple plaintiffs, defendants, insurance companies, and adjusters; tracking lost wages, health liens, negotiations, and billing requests; interpreting insurance policies with different limits, liability, and coverage…whew! Just reading this paragraph should give you anxiety.
  • Your deadlines are differentThe PI practice area should have its own time zone because it runs on a distinct schedule—complete with its own rules, procedures, statutes of limitation, negotiation requirements, necessary document filings, and more— in fact, you probably have a deadline approaching right now.
  • Your community is differentAll practice areas have their own professional network and the same holds true for PI attorneys. The PI community is full of lawyers with specialties and sub-specialties and can be a great source of knowledge and referrals.

You get it…you’re different. Now, how do you make sure your legal platform caters to those differences?

While there are endless ways the PI practice differs from other practice areas, there’s only one platform that caters to those differences: CloudLex. CloudLex is the Next-Gen Legal Cloud® that intimately understands PI’s unique set of rules, challenges, and idiosyncrasies—that’s because CloudLex was designed exclusively for PI attorneys by PI attorneys.

Unlike generic legal software that can only provide piecemeal help, CloudLex’s comprehensive suite of apps is specifically tailored to guide your PI firm from intake through closure (and beyond).

CloudLex provides more than just the normal case summary and medical injuries list—we help you keep an eye on data unique to your matters (e.g. specific info for automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice) and our organizational tools allow you to track vital info like deadlines, logistics, and fees.

Plus, CloudLex’s referral apps let you receive (and send) referrals from a growing network of prominent PI attorneys and position yourself as a leader in the PI field.

Still not convinced we’re a perfect fit for your PI firm? Step into our dressing room and try on our next-gen cloud platform by signing up for a free demo. We’ll help you build, manage, and grow your PI firm into a model of success.