5 Signs You're Suffering from Lack of Legal Cloud Software

We don’t want to alarm you, but there is a dangerous epidemic spreading throughout the personal injury practice area. While you may know it as “let’s just wait and see” disease, the proper terminology is “lack of legal cloud software.”

And lack of legal cloud software can lead to some very serious consequences for your PI practice—including, but not limited to: loss of standing in a competitive market, failure to fulfill client expectations, misplaced documents, and, worst of all, irreversible effects on your firm’s reputation, goodwill, and bottom line.

Lucky for you, lack of legal cloud software is fully treatable. How you ask? Well, by implementing state of the art cloud-based legal technology, like CloudLex. But before we discuss a recovery plan, let’s confirm your diagnosis. Listed below are 5 of the more common signs that you may suffer from lack of legal cloud software.


1) You Feel Disorganized

Disorganization can take many forms: missed deadlines, lost records, stacks of paper piling up, confusion over court dates, failure to return calls, hours spent searching for documents, repetitive workloads, lack of task management and other things that can make you scream with despair.

A robust cloud-based legal practice management software, like CloudLex, can eliminate these issues (and paper) completely. CloudLex promotes collaboration through matter-specific communication tools and is a one-stop shop for organizational needs like calendaring and document management.

Plus, you can search through your entire document history with the ease of a Google search.

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2) You’re Losing Your Leads

One of the more lethal symptoms of lack of legal cloud software is failure to hold on to prospective clients—after all, clients are the lifeblood of any successful PI firm.

But without a proper intake process in place, leads can be hard to track and easy to lose. CloudLex’s Intake Manager fixes that—it provides you with an effective process to attain and manage prospective clients so you can boost your firm’s revenue, including automatic calendar alerts prompting you to follow up with leads on specified days.


3) You’re Unsure Which Marketing Efforts Are Working

Throwing money at different marketing campaigns without tracking their effectiveness is like buying every medication at CVS for your cold and hoping one helps…while you might eventually get better, you will have wasted a lot of money on ineffective cures without having any idea what worked for you.

With a legal cloud platform like CloudLex, you’re able to gain insight into which of your marketing efforts are leading to tangible results (and which are not). CloudLex’s Intake Manager and Matter Manager offer built-in expense tracking—so you can operate more informed and spend your marketing budget prudently.


4) You’re Not Meeting Your Clients’ Needs

Clients can be “overwhelming” when they want case info—an occasional call or email is no longer a panacea to all your client woes. If you can’t keep up with today’s expectations for quick and continual case updates, you’ll soon have no clients left to update.

CloudLex’s Client Messenger is the cure for what ails you—allowing both parties unlimited access to whatever info they choose to share (e.g. documents, calendars events, notes) through a secure and easy to navigate online portal that mirrors popular social media apps and updates in real time.


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5) You’re Always Stranded at the Office

The office might be your main place of business, but it shouldn’t be your only place of business. The life of a personal injury attorney is increasingly mobile—whether you’re stuck in traffic or a courthouse lobby, you’re not at your desk… with your trusted computer, colleagues, and assistant nearby. You need more than just a case management software that will be there for you, no matter where you are.

Enter CloudLex…it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any internet-enabled device—allowing you to meet the collaborative needs of your clients and staff alike when you’re on the go.

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But before you go anywhere… if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from lack of legal cloud software and should immediately consult a CloudLex specialist by signing up for a demo… we promise it’s the most effective (and painless) way to nurse your PI firm back to health.