Is Your Personal Injury Practice up to Date?

Do you still use your cell from 10 years ago? Or even 3 years ago? No, because it’s outdated. So why use outdated systems in your personal injury practice?

Your personal injury practice needs modernizing if you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following:

  • Do you find yourself tripping over Bankers Boxes every time you move around your office?
  • Can you only work from your office?
  • Do you struggle or waste time keeping your entire team up-to-date on the current status of all cases and each other’s work?
  • Do you waste time searching through physical boxes for a crucial document?
  • Do you pay for costly IT solutions? 

Did you know there was another way?

Take your personal injury practice online with CloudLex®️, the next-gen Legal Cloud®️. CloudLex is the forerunner in cloud legal practice management software.

CloudLex, unlike other generic or one-size-fits-all law practice management software, uses a comprehensive suite of innovative apps designed to cover all areas of your practice management; from intake, through to storage of closed files, and everything in between!

All without the need for major capital expenditure, extensive staff training or expensive IT teams, because CloudLex's personal injury case management software is super simple to use!

Store all your cases on our Microsoft Azure backed servers and CloudLex will enable you to; 

  • Easily search through your documents with the ease of a Google search,
  • Assign your team tasks,
  • Collaborate seamlessly,
  • Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in all open cases,
  • and more…

…from anywhere in the world.

CloudLex covers all personal injury practice areas so what are you waiting for?

Reduce your archaic, expensive, practices down to a single subscription with CloudLex- the next-gen Legal Cloud®️.

Book your free demo today and see for yourself how we can help revolutionize the way your personal injury practice runs, by using the latest in legal technology.

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