Get More Clients with Our Cloud-Based Legal Software

In order to attract a “mate”, you might agree you need to do certain things—e.g. dress well, be funny, give thoughtful gifts; but simply knowing the right ingredients for a good partner, doesn’t ensure you’ll attract one of your own.  After all, picking out good gifts, pants, and jokes isn’t easy. Similarly, there are several ways to attract new personal injury clients (e.g., SEO, advertising, glowing reviews), but knowing what you need to do isn’t enough; you need to execute…and that’s where we come in.

CloudLex® is more than just personal injury practice management software…we’re your prospect personal trainer; we’re not just a case management software…we’re your client matchmaker; and we’re not some piecemeal “solution”, we’re an all-in-one platform that can help you attract more clients and grow your personal injury firm rapidly.  So let’s get dating…we mean going. Here are some of the ways our comprehensive cloud-based legal case management software can help turn your firm into the most eligible personal injury practice in town:


Harness the Power of Referral

Everyone’s been on a date where the person was “not for you”, but perfect for one of your friends. And the same goes for your legal cases—not every matter or client is a fit, but they may be a perfect marriage for another firm (and vice versa)…enter referrals. Referrals are not only a direct way to get new clients, but also, because you’re better suited for your referred cases, you’re more likely to do a great job…indirectly leading to more clients through word of mouth.

The problem is that building a strong referral network can take a lot of time, energy, and small talk…or at least it used to.  CloudLex’s Referral Engine app lets you take on referrals from (and send out referrals to) anyone, including our ever-expanding subscriber network of prominent PI attorneys…so you can grow your client base from the convenience of anywhere.

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Perfect Your Intake

Just because someone agrees to go on a date with you, doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship; likewise, just because a prospect walks into your office doesn’t mean they’re your client.  The intake process is like the first few dates of a romantic relationship—both parties are still figuring out if they want to do this (in this case, representation). In other words, intake is your chance to impress (or not impress) clients.

With our Intake Manager app you can be sure to make a great first impression (and second, and third, and so on…).  Our intelligent intake forms guide your team through the entire process, ensuring your prospects have a pleasant initial “meeting” with your firm (no matter who they speak with).  And we’ll even help you “court” them; Intake Manager keeps track of important lead info (including interaction history) and reminds you to follow up with your prospects, so they feel wanted and you appear diligent—thereby increasing your chances of retaining them as clients.

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Use Your Time Wisely

Like any successful relationship, you need to have time for your clients, if you want your partnership to work.  Unfortunately, personal injury attorneys have so much on their plate (drafting legal documents, researching precedent, combing over medical records…the list is endless) that it’s hard to carve out time for new clients…until CloudLex.  Our comprehensive cloud platform can help foster collaboration and allows your firm to take care of time-consuming tasks with efficiency (matter management, calendaring tasks, administrative duties, digital archival, and more), even on the go…so you can use your newfound time for taking on newfound clients.

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Save Your Cash

Relationships can be expensive (dates, vacations, anniversaries) and attorney-client relationships are no different; but because a majority of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, it’s vital to have sufficient cash flow around for financing new cases.  Unlike outdated case management software that requires pricey equipment and manpower, CloudLex is an infrastructure-free cloud platform—meaning it doesn’t require a large investment in servers, space, staff training, software licensing/upgrades, around-the-clock IT support or draining your bank account…all you need is a laptop and internet—allowing you to reinvest your savings (and attention) into new clients.

For now, invest your attention (and none of your savings) in our website, where you can learn more about our revolutionary cloud-based legal practice management software and sign up for a free demo…we promise, once you set eyes on our platform, new clients won’t be able to keep their eyes off your firm.