Excel isn’t a Substitute for Legal Practice Management Software

Are you guilty of using spreadsheets to fake it in the legal practice management software stakes? If you answer yes, then you need to step away from the spreadsheet, and read on to learn about a better practice management solution:

Spreadsheets have limits

Spreadsheets are ok for organizing static data, but once you start adding hundreds of cases, handfuls of contributors, thousands of tasks, endless deadlines, and tens-of-thousands of documents, it all starts to unravel.

Even the online versions are limited in their capabilities for collaboration and multiple tasks, they just aren’t a substitute for proper legal practice management software.

And that’s before mentioning that the practice of law today is extremely mobile, trying to use a spreadsheet on your phone is not.

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Collaboration is key


Using spreadsheets to manage cases instead of properly designed legal practice management software puts your firm at a huge disadvantage.

In a modern age where clients are kept up-to-date remotely for everything from their pizza order to their Amazon delivery they expect the same from their PI practice. How do you do this when you can’t send automatic updates directly from a spreadsheet? Properly designed law firm practice management software would allow you to do this easily.

Collaboration with others is a nightmare without professional attorney practice management software. With important case information buried amongst never-ending tabs or stored outside of the spreadsheet you are running an inefficient system that leads to delays, errors, and reputational damage.


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Wasted time is bad for business

Spreadsheets can’t contain all case information, like actual legal practice management software, so lots of communication and documentation happens “outside the tabs” in a mess of different non-compatible software.

You can’t keep track of who’s doing what so time is wasted doing duplicate work or waiting for updates.


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Learn to grow

When using a spreadsheet in place of actual legal practice management software your firm is guilty of working harder, not smarter.

Are you ready to stop faking it and finally work smarter?

Then check out how our Next-Gen Legal Cloud®, the best cloud based legal practice management software on the market, and grow your modern PI practice by signing up for a free demo today.