Do You Need to up Your Law Practice Management Software Game?

Finding the best-case management software for small law firms

Law practice management software is a huge field and it can be complicated to know what the best option for your firm is. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about the ‘cloud’ but you like the reassuring sight of a big black server sitting in the corner of your office somewhere and the thought of your data all being kept elsewhere worries you?

But, what are you doing to keep that black box secure? Do you have around-the-clock IT specialists monitoring your network for attacks? Does your law practice management software protect your data? Do you have a system in place to protect your client if your office or an employee’s home is burgled and their work laptop is stolen? We are guessing no. Even big multi-million-dollar firms get this wrong so how can smaller firms keep up? What is the best solution for law office practice management software?

Cloud technology security

Enter Cloud-based law practice management software. Your data, including your clients’ data, will be kept secure in the cloud. No longer must you pay for expensive servers (and the expensive office space in which to store them!) You’ll have complete control over your system and your data with cloud security – check who’s accessing your system, create user-specific security access levels and should any piece of tech go missing, instantly lock down the access from that device and change passwords across the entire system to prevent any leaks.

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Secure cloud storage

Now, just as not all cars are made the same. Not all cloud-based law practice management software systems are made the same. Enterprise-level cloud systems are built on some of the most secure servers in the world – in locations that rival Fort Knox and surrounded by thousands of dedicated cybersecurity experts monitoring and defending the system 24/7/365. These data centers are HIPAA/HITECH certified, ISO certified and have received numerous other industry-specific security certifications. With all of this, you can be pretty sure that your data is safer with them than in the corner of your office with ancient law practice management software!

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Make the switch now and not only will your data and matters be more secure, but your working life will be easier too – access your work from anywhere, any time, on any device.  Find out more about upgrading your legal practice management software with a free demo of CloudLex here.