Do You Need to up Your Law Practice Management Software?

Sometimes having something in front of us physically can be reassuring. But times have changed, and so has practice management software. Having a physical server and paper case files is just not the most secure- or efficient!- way of doing things anymore. A physical server in your office is vulnerable to physical disasters, including flood, fire, and break-ins. It’s vulnerable to hackers (unless you’re employing 24/7 IT security staff to monitor it continually?), and every staff member’s device or bag full of files is a liability that can be left somewhere, stolen, or burgled from their residence.

But, there is an easy solution. The cloud. 

Upgrading your practice management software to a cloud-based system gives you an unbeatable level of security. Your firm’s data will be held on incredibly secure servers (that are manned 24/7/365 by IT cybersecurity experts!) that have multiple locations worldwide (so not vulnerable to physical attacks or natural disasters). These data centers are HIPAA/HITECH certified, ISO certified, and have received numerous other industry-specific security certifications, so your due diligence is covered in terms of keeping clients’ data secure. 

Once your team is all on board and hooked up to your new cloud-based practice management software, you also no longer have to worry about their devices being vulnerabilities for the firm. If any device is compromised, you can instantly lock down access from that device and change all passwords across the platform to prevent any leaks. 

Not only is this system many, many times more secure than a physical server and legacy practice management software, but it’s easier to use, helps you run your firm more efficiently, and is designed to seamlessly enable the entire to work from home if needs be (and that’s a significant plus point for anyone nowadays!). 

With CloudLex, you and your team can access your work anywhere, any time, on any device.  Find out more about upgrading your legal practice management software with a free demo of CloudLex here.

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