Why the Next-Gen Legal Cloud—CloudLex® Is the Only Choice for Your PI Law Firm

To put it mildly, the life of a modern personal injury attorney is busy; that’s why we’re going to get straight to the point—there are a lot of case management software options out there but only one that adequately meets your unique needs—CloudLex.

CloudLex is a next-gen legal cloud-based software with a comprehensive suite of innovative apps designed to help build, manage, and grow your personal injury practice from anywhere. And while there are infinite reasons our clients choose to use CloudLex —here are the most oft-cited ones.


1. Designed for You

The personal injury practice area has its own set of rules, challenges, and idiosyncrasies—you need a practice management software that can match those distinct needs. Unlike generic legal software that can only provide piecemeal help, CloudLex is specifically tailored to guide personal injury law firms from intake to closure.

CloudLex provides more than just the normal case summary and medical injuries list; we help you track data unique to your matters, with specific info for automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and more. And our referral apps allow you to market yourself to a growing network of prominent PI attorneys and take on new cases from the comfort of your couch.


2. Cost-Effective

Running a law firm is expensive—so why spend more? A traditional case management software or typical “on-premises” case management system requires a significant investment of time and money annually on stuff like servers, office space, training, software licensing, upgrades, around-the-clock IT support, and more—just reading that long list of expenses is a huge waste of time and money.

Legal cloud computing or CloudLex, on the other hand, is cash-flow friendly with low monthly subscriptions, zero long-term maintenance fees, and no specialized IT staff—all you need is a laptop and internet. Plus, it’s growth-friendly…so you can add 5000 users as painlessly as 5 with the click of a button.


3. Easy-To-Use

A day in the life of a modern personal injury attorney is non-stop—from administrative tasks to collaborating with colleagues (…the list never ends)—it’s a wonder you have time to read a case…let alone win one. You don’t have the luxury to spend months training staff on how to use a new legal technology.

With CloudLex, there is no learning curve—it was designed with PI law firms in mind so it’s intuitive for everyone (from partners to interns) from day one. And our integrations with your favorite legal tools (e.g. Word, Outlook, Office Online, iCal, Dropbox, Google apps) give your employees a sense of familiarity so they can be productive from the get-go.


4. Efficient

Unlike most practice areas in the legal industry, the majority of personal injury attorneys get paid on a contingency fee basis—i.e. if your case isn’t moving forward, you aren’t getting paid. Lucky for you, CloudLex is inefficiency’s worst nightmare.

With CloudLex, you can quickly and successfully manage all your firm’s macro-level and case-specific tasks—e.g. intake, document management, calendaring, administrative tasks, case updates, client communication, referrals, digital archival—in one comprehensive platform…allowing you to take on more work without taking on more staff.


5. Always Accessible

The life of a personal injury attorney is increasingly mobile—you never stop and neither do your legal cases. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or a courthouse lobby, you’re not at your desk… with your trusted computer, colleagues, and assistant nearby. You need case management software that will be there for you…so you can be there for your clients.

Enter CloudLex…it can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any internet-enabled device—allowing your firm to stay agile and ready to meet the collaborative needs of your clients and staff alike.


6. Secure

Client data security is the biggest issue that PI firms face today. A single data breach has the potential to be very costly—e.g. business interruption, expensive litigation, regulatory scrutiny, and a loss of goodwill with your clients. With CloudLex, your data (and your reputation) is in good hands.

CloudLex is hosted on top-tier Microsoft Azure servers so your data is subject to continuous monitoring—and our web-based communication portal allows you to share updates with your clients securely. Plus, documents in cloud technology aren’t affected by the elements, so your firm won’t skip a beat should a natural disaster strike.

Don’t you skip a beat…head on over to our website now so you can schedule a free demo and discover your own reasons why CloudLex's legal cloud is the only choice for your personal injury practice.