Our Case Management Dashboards are the Secret to Success

How do you manage your day? Via calendars? To-do lists? Now let’s scale it up, how do you manage everyone’s day in your personal injury law firm or at least keep an overview of what they are working on? Even in a small firm, this is an overwhelming task. And the consequences of not being on top of everything could be huge. And, crucially, if you’re spending so much time managing the day-to-day, then when are you focusing on your firm’s growth? Enter CloudLex®, and our informative case management dashboard. This dashboard combines your calendar, task management system, daily schedule, KPI tracking, and more, into one easy-to-use tool.

A day in the life of a CloudLex user

Picture this:

You arrive at the office for the day.

You open CloudLex, and your case management dashboard gives you the status of every single case in the entire firm.

It alerts you to any tasks not completed and any upcoming deadlines from ANY case, firm-wide. You can now start your day with your daily schedule already in hand, focusing first on the most urgent business matters so you can solve problems before they become... well… problematic!

And that’s just your first 5 minutes in the office.

Next, you can use the easy-to-understand graphics and detailed reports to see how your firm is doing in general (new matters per month, closed matters per month, stalled matters, etc.) and make key business decisions (e.g., reallocating resources) to ensure you keep growing as a firm.

Now, you can focus on your cases, knowing your firm as a whole is handled and running well… and you’ve only been in the office for 10 minutes!

But CloudLex doesn’t stop supporting you there, whether you’re needed in court, need to come into the office late because you need to provide the morning childcare at home, or jump in a taxi to head out to lunch. You can access your CloudLex case management dashboard from anywhere, log-in using any browser, our Android app, or our (NEW!) iOS app, and run your firm with ease whilst you’re on-the-go.

If a CloudLex day, with comprehensive legal matter management solutions designed specifically for personal injury law firms, appeals to you. Sign up for a free demo today and embrace our case management dashboard and all it can do for you and your firm.


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