Boost Your Firm’s Productivity With Law Firm Task Management

No matter the size of your legal practice, law firm task management can be a huge issue! Whether you’re a small law firm or a larger one, even a single missed deadline can lead to a loss of goodwill, reputation, profits, or worse.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! CloudLex’s next-gen legal project management platform can help you organize, assign, and track your tasks while making optimal use of your resources. Running a personal injury law firm will never be easy, but our practice management software (with in-built custom workflows, case management software, and task management software) will make it easier. Below, we’ve outlined how CloudLex can help save you time and money, and how it can provide you with a real competitive advantage.

Organize your Tasks

CloudLex provides task lists that will remind you when there is a deadline approaching. Our management system is made up of categories that correspond to the different stages of litigation (e.g. client intake, discovery, trial prep), and each of these has subcategories that describe various tasks associated with that stage. You can pick and choose the tasks you need to get done and assign them to your team. Your team can then work collaboratively on a case and you can track the progress of each individual task and the workload as a whole. You and your team will be alerted to any upcoming deadlines meaning no expensive mistakes! And if you’d prefer to create your own task lists, you can with our custom workflows. Create custom lists for recurring tasks and automatically assign them to team members when you start a new case, you’ll still have the same oversight as with our setlists so that you can easily keep on top of multiple team members, even more cases, and an uncountable number of individual tasks. 

Prioritize your Tasks

With CloudLex’s law firm task management system, you can prioritize your tasks by giving them a level (high, medium, or low) to indicate which projects are most urgent and important. You can also set alerts to remind the assigned user(s) that task due dates are approaching. On their end, staff members can give updates on their progress by marking how much of the project has already been completed. You can get a birds-eye view of your entire firm’s “map” so that you can see if your legal service needs to shift resources to give projects that are a little behind a boost.

Sign up now for a free demo of CloudLex’s next-gen cloud-based platform. With our detailed project management tools, you can measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like your completion rate percentage (i.e. assigned tasks v. when a task is completed), task age (i.e. how long an assignment took to complete), and more. Use professionally developed law firm task management to help your PI firm run more efficiently and effectively today!


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