Avoid Bad Law Firm Reviews by Exceeding Client Expectations

Does the prospect of poor client reviews have your personal injury law firm yelping with fear? Well, it should—because the most damning threat to your PI law firm’s well being is negative word of mouth.

While this has been the case since the beginning of time, clients’ voices are now amplified with the rise of social media and customer review sites—and their service standards have increased tenfold with the invention of apps (anyone that’s ordered a pizza on their phone can attest).

As a result, it’s now incumbent upon PI law firms to not only meet those high expectations but to exceed them—i.e., give clients no other choice but to write a 5-star review of your firm. Here’s how:

Isn’t getting clients good settlements enough? NO! We told you that expectations have changed. Now listen up…

1) Set the tone:

What you may not realize is that clients begin having expectations long before they walk through your door. We’ve already mentioned how important word of mouth is—and perhaps no words are more important than the words that come out of yours.

Be wary of what you promise on your website, social media, marketing campaigns, etc.—highlight your strengths, but be careful not to oversell your weaknesses or promise results you can’t deliver on. After all, it’s easier to exceed realistic expectations than it is to walk back exaggerated ones.

2) First impressions matter:

This shouldn’t have to be said. How many times have you been on a bad first date and thought “as long there’s a good date in the next few months, I’ll marry them?” The answer is never; that’s why it’s important to take intake seriously.

If your website is your dating profile, then the intake process is your first few dates—how your team treats prospects will inform their feelings towards your firm throughout the rest of the litigation process.

That’s why CloudLex developed Intake Manager; it streamlines the intake process so your whole team is on the same page (no matter who talks to prospects) and it makes follow up a breeze…so you can give the best legal advice and your clients feel impressed and wanted from the get-go.

3) Ask them what they want:

It’s easier to exceed your clients’ expectations if you know what their expectations are in the first place.

Don’t be afraid to ask potential clients questions during intake—things like, “What do you expect from our firm?” and “What would be a good result for this matter?” Clients will appreciate your proactive nature towards their legal matter and you’ll have a roadmap towards a raving review.

4) Play to your strengths:

Just like clothing, not every client is a perfect fit—that’s why it’s important to pre-screen clients before taking the tag off.

You know your law firm best—make sure prospective clients jive with your firm’s strengths and don’t exploit its weaknesses…and if they don’t mesh well, then you’re allowed to return them before you’re left with a costly receipt in the form of a bad law firm review.

5) Communicate and update:

The personal injury litigation process can be wildly unpredictable—dates change, strategies change, and schedules change, but your clients’ desire for constant info on their legal case never changes; after all, client expectations are based on how clued in they are to their case.

Our Client Messenger app makes transparency easy—enabling both you and your clients to share case updates and vital information in a centralized and secure portal that can be accessed at either party’s convenience.

6) Better service:

This one’s a no-brainer. Clients want to be treated well. They want an excellent attorney who’s attentive, efficient, and successful.

While there are a lot of ways to meet your clients’ needs, CloudLex puts them all in one place. Our comprehensive suite of innovative apps can make you a modern—and efficient—expectations-busting machine with the click of a button.

7) Learn something:

We highly recommend to regularly ask your clients how you’re doing. If it’s during the litigation process you can always adjust; if it’s after, you’ll be made aware of any potential negative reviews and have a chance to rectify them before it’s posted for the world to see.

Whether good or bad, it’s vital to treat this “exit interview” as a learning experience—i.e., know where your PI firm needs to improve so you can meet expectations and figure out what your strengths are so you can continue to exceed them.

Let us exceed your expectations. Start by reviewing our entire suite of expectation-crushing apps and then sign up for a demo so you can set off on the road to 5 stars. Here’s some transparency…the demo is free!