Achieving a Culture of Excellence for Your Personal Injury Law Firm Starts with Knowledge

Think of the great sports dynasties of the last century (e.g., the Bulls, the Patriots, the Yankees, the Spurs)—these well-oiled machines won multiple championships by adhering to a higher standard than their opponents. From the top of the organization down to the bottom, everyone was aware of their collective goal (to win championships) and how to execute it…and they did so through a “culture of excellence.”

This culture of excellence also exists in the top personal injury law firms (with less athleticism)—and is defined as running your personal injury practice with optimal efficiency. That means your entire team seamlessly executing your firm’s objectives from intake through closure. And achieving a culture of excellence for your PI firm starts with one thing: knowledge. Below we list a few ways your firm can get started on constructing a culture of excellence, so put on your hard hats.

Know your goals…

PI firms should strive for informational transparency; up and down the chain of command, your entire team should be aware of not only the immediate, myopic tasks in front of them, but also your firm’s long-term, big-picture goals—so they can see where you’re headed.

This type of transparency leads to increased focus and effective collaboration. So make sure what matters to your firm is known to everyone (not just upper management) and keep everyone abreast of firm-wide and case-specific strides...and daily goals matter too.

With CloudLex® you can assign tasks that you (and your entire team) can track—so everyone’s on the same page and collaboration is less burdensome.

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Know your deadlines...

Missing deadlines can lead to very real and very irreversible consequences (don’t believe us? Here’s a refresher).  While it’s important that your team is constantly reminded of the risks of missed deadlines, it’s even more important that they always have easily accessible calendar info at their disposal (so they never miss deadlines in the first place).

With CloudLex, your calendar info resides in a single, easily accessible location so you avoid duplicate entries and ensure your deadlines are met. You can even integrate your supplementary calendar apps—e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal—to our platform for everyone to see, so all of your bases are covered.

Know your agenda...

Typically the only thing that comes out of meetings is you with a frustrated face—meetings can often be huge time sucks with little getting produced (other than hot air)…but they don’t have to be.

Allow your whole team to suggest discussion topics and then assign and share them (like you would tasks). Knowing what you’ll talk about (and sticking to the script) helps your team be more prepared, more productive, and more efficient.

Know your clients...

Don’t forget about the most important members of your team—your clients.  Unlike sports, personal injury attorneys don’t receive championship trophies; the only victories that matter are for your clients. That’s why it’s important you take a client-centric approach to your PI practice.

That means knowing what your clients expect from you and figuring out how you can exceed those expectations.  It’s important that you regularly communicate (both directly and in your marketing materials) and collaborate with your clients—it’ll make your job easier and it will make your clients (and potential clients) a whole lot happier…which is the ultimate barometer of excellence.

Now that you know how to instill a culture of excellence at your PI firm, let the Next-Gen Legal Cloud® help you make it a reality. Learn more about our comprehensive suite of apps designed specifically for personal injury law firms on our apps page and then sign up for a free demo so you can start putting the excel in excellence.