Higher Resolutions: Revisit Our 5 Top Blogs of 2018 and Make Your Personal Injury Firm #1 in 2019

Toward the end of the year people get reflective—you start thinking about what you did right, what you did wrong, and what you want to do better in the new year…and we’re no different.  That’s why we’re bringing you our year-end list of the best blogs we’ve published this year (to be honest, they’re all good, but these are the ones you’ve responded to the most). 

We’re sure you’ve already been inundated with a ton of year-end “best of” lists; but unlike the best movie and TV lists, ours will actually help your personal injury firm’s productivity in the coming year…rather than taking away from it.

So let’s get straight to it by counting down our top 5 blogs of 2018, so you can get a head start on 2019.  Take a break and read these print presents (bestowed to you in no particular order)…

5) Don’t Butcher It: Beef up Your Law Firm Security and Protect Your Clients’ Information:
Cyber-criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated—and their only resolution in the new year is to steal more and more of your clients’ confidential info. Keep the thieves at bay with these proven strategies for improving your law firm security and keeping your clients’ sensitive info safe…before it’s too late.


4) If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: 12 Common Misconceptions About the Cloud Exposed (Part 2):
Apparently, you like sequels better than the originals.  In this 2-part series, we explore all the things you (and a lot of other people) get wrong about the cloud, then point you in the right direction—i.e., towards being a modern and efficient Personal Injury law firm…so don’t make us tell you again!


3) 4 New Reasons CloudLex Is the Best Way to Keep Your Firm’s Data Safe:
We can’t stress this enough: the internet is a scary place; don’t let bad cybersecurity decisions haunt you.  Check this blog out if you want to learn the latest ways CloudLex can protect your firm’s most important data—stuff like application-level security, role-based access controls, and a bunch of other things you (and hopefully cybercriminals) don’t understand.


 2) Are You Suffering From Lack Of A Legal Cloud Platform?:
Knowing all the ways you’re missing out by not using a cloud-based legal platform to run your practice might make you sick—but it’s never too late to cure your PI ills. Click here to see if your firm is suffering from a lack of a cloud platform… and don’t worry about insurance, we’ve got you covered.


1) The Verdict Is In: Why CloudLex Is The Only Choice For Your Personal Injury Firm:
We bragged and you agreed.  There are a lot of ways you can run your Personal Injury firm, but only one way you to run it right: CloudLex.  Just like our state-of-the art cloud platform, this blog is efficient, made for Personal Injury attorneys, and can help you grow big-time in the new year…so what are you waiting for?


Don’t let us have this conversation again in 2020—take a break from your family this holiday season (we know you need it) and invest in your firm’s future by reading the knowledge were dropping above (and in the rest of our blogs)…before watching the ball drop on this year.  Then come back and sign up for a free demo of our revolutionary cloud-based legal platform so you can meet all your resolutions with the click of a button.