4 Ways CloudLex Helps You Grow Your Personal Injury Practice

CloudLex® has been created in collaboration with PI lawyers, specifically for personal injury law practices. It has been designed for you, to help you run AND grow your personal injury practice. If you are looking to stop treading water and start achieving a new personal best, then check out the 4 key ways that CloudLex can help you:

Finding New Clients

To be a successful firm, you need a steady stream of new clients, and you can’t sit around waiting for them to come to you. How are you managing lead generation? Do you invest in digital marketing and advertising? Do you have reports informing you of which marketing campaigns not just bring in the most leads but bring in the most conversions or highest return on investment?

If your answer is no, then you need CloudLex. With CloudLex KPIs, conversion rates, ROI, and more are tracked and reported, so you can make informed choices about your marketing efforts, grow your personal injury practice, and keep increasing profits. And it doesn’t stop there, CloudLex also includes its very own referral network allowing you to work with a network of PI firms around the country to share the workload.


Making Intake Efficient and Successful

So a potential client has come forward. The next step is intake. How do you handle this? Do you have a system in place?

This process needs to work for both the client AND you. Your client needs to feel well taken care of and confident in your ability. Your firm needs to handle the process efficiently whilst ensuring that all relevant information is collected and recorded correctly to avoid awkward unprofessional moments later down the line.

With CloudLex, a streamlined client intake process has been explicitly created for PI firms to tick all those boxes. From online intake forms to lead-organization, all in one easy-to-use app, the goal is to do away with duplicating data entry and focus on duplicating your profits.


Working Anytime, Anywhere

You should be able to run your firm from anywhere (recent times have reminded us of the necessity of this more than ever!). With CloudLex supporting you, you can. Access CloudLex from any device with our progressive mobile technology giving you the freedom to run your firm from anywhere. All case files, emails, notes, medical documentation, and closed cases are all stored in the secure cloud - never have to dash back into the office for a forgotten document again!

And not only can you work from anywhere, but so can your entire team, control permissions for different staff members, work collaboratively in real-time, and keep your clients updated all from one platform!


Automating Task Management

If you find yourself ‘organizing’ more than ‘lawyering’ you need to re-evaluate how you’re running your firm. CloudLex not only encourages smart working-it enables it!

Set-up automated workflows of repeat tasks using our all-in-one personal injury software that handles your most mundane tasks while you handle your legal work… so you can take on more work (and profits) without taking on more staff.

If you’re ready to grow your personal injury practice sign up for a demo now…our next-gen cloud platform is an investment in your future that you’re sure to profit from.