3 Reasons to Buy Software Built Exclusively for Personal Injury

You wouldn’t wear your work shoes to play tennis if you needed to improve your serve, would you? So why when looking to grow your personal injury practice why would you use tools not designed for that exact purpose?

Here are 3 reasons why you need legal software designed specifically for personal injury practice (and why CloudLex is probably your best option!): 


  1.  Your payment structure is different

The personal injury practice area is very different from other legal areas, with PI attorneys taking all the risk upfront. You put your own time and money into your cases and hope it pays off. Your software should help you track offers, payment requests, and expenses for each injury type. CloudLex does, it features an in-built Settlement Calculator which intuitively shows attorney recovery and plaintiff recovery for each offer and counteroffer allowing you to make smart decisions.

  1. Your logistics are different

All practice areas deal with sophisticated litigation management, but you deal with cases that are uniquely complex. CloudLex uses a secure, cloud-based solution, to provide true flexibility for your firm and with legal software built for PI practices you are set up to succeed; access all your matters from any location, on any device, and seamlessly collaborate with your team, remotely, to win your cases. With the right software, you can stop wasting time on repetitive logistics issues and focus on growing your personal injury practice. 

  • Your deadlines are different

The PI practice area is full of important deadlines, from statutes of limitation to necessary document filings, and more. You need to be organized and on top of each step. CloudLex has a unique suite of apps and organizational tools including document and email management, to allow you to track vital stats and assist you with running your PI firm. You can set recurring tasks and deadlines for you and your team to stay on top of your entire caseload, effortlessly. 

Unlike generic legal practice management solutions, CloudLex is specifically tailored to guide your PI firm from intake through to closure (and beyond). 

Try CloudLex today by signing up for a free demo. We’ll help you build, manage, and grow your personal injury practice into a model of success.


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