3 Legal Calendaring Software Features to Save You Time and Money

According to the ABA, 34% of malpractice suits are the result of calendaring errors. They drain your firm’s time, money, and reputation. But don’t worry, we have the solution: legal calendaring software. Not just any legal calendaring software, however, because not all legal practice management programs are made equal.

CloudLex’s next-gen calendaring software provides intuitive rule-based calendaring features for all practice areas, to help you keep on top of deadlines. Below, we’ve outlined why this will save you time, and lower the risk of a malpractice suit.

Stop switching between calendars

You wouldn’t have different calendars for your personal appointments, so don’t have different calendars for professional ones! With CloudLex’s case management software, you’ll receive a birds-eye view of your intake and calendar events (e.g. court dates or court deadlines) in a single, color-coded format. Now, no deadlines will fly under the radar.

Stop trying to remember everything

Many cases have recurring tasks. Don’t individually assign duties each time your firm takes on a new case. Instead, use CloudLex’s automatic workflow to assign tasks at once for any stage of litigation (e.g. when receiving a deadline for court rules). Once assigned, your colleagues will get reminders whenever they log in to CloudLex, and receive follow-up emails as an added protection.

Stop letting calendars control you

It can be useful to integrate your specific calendars, like Microsoft Outlook and Google, with your work ones. While some practice management software lets you sync your Google and Outlook calendars with your firm-wide case calendars, it shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing proposition. With CloudLex, you can sync your work calendars with personal ones, and you can decide where to sync them (e.g. Vacation dates) or not to sync them at all (e.g. hair appointments).


The only thing left to say is, set a date in your calendar for a free demo of our next-gen cloud-based legal platform to get our state-of-the-art legal calendaring features and everything else you need to become a modern, efficient personal injury law firm.


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