3 Legal Calendaring Software Features to Save You From Malpractice

For personal injury law firms, time is of the essence—it’s the scarcest resource of them all (well, except for slices of pepperoni during the firm pizza party). Hitting deadlines and using your time wisely not only bolsters your productivity, and reinforces to clients and colleagues that you’re professional, but it also helps you avoid the top resource killer for personal injury firms: malpractice suits.

Malpractice suits drain your firm’s time, money, and reputation—and, according to the ABA, 34% of malpractice suits are the result of calendaring errors. But don’t worry, we have the solution: legal calendaring software. But not just any legal calendaring software, because, and it’s important you know this: not all legal calendaring software is made equal.

CloudLex’s next-gen cloud-based legal platform comes with top notch and intuitive calendaring features that will ensure you’re on top of deadlines, instead of at the bottom of a malpractice complaint. Time is precious, so let’s not waste yours—here are 3 of our must-have calendaring features that will help you lower your anxiety…and your risk of a malpractice suit:

1) Stop switching between calendars

It would be silly to have multiple calendars for your weekend (a meal calendar, a nap calendar, a binge-watching calendar, a dental appointment calendar, etc.) and it’s equally silly to have different calendars for your intake and cases—after all, you still have to get everything done.  Constantly switching between your calendars won’t give you a complete picture of your day; it’s like doing a puzzle in 2 different rooms—it’s time consuming and you’re bound to miss something…but with most case management software that’s the only option you’re given.

That’s not the case (pun intended) with CloudLex. You can view your intake and case calendars in a single, color-coded format (that can be easily filtered) so you get a birds-eye view of your calendar, and upcoming deadlines won’t fly under the radar.


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2) Stop trying to remember everything

You don’t need to send out calendar invites to yourself every morning to brush your teeth, make your bed, and take your keys, because your brain automates repetitive events like this for you. Similarly, you shouldn’t have to individually assign recurring tasks each time your firm takes on a new case. CloudLex’s automatic workflows let you assign tasks all at once for any stage of a litigation that requires repetitive tasks. Once assigned, your colleagues and staff will get reminders whenever they log in to CloudLex and follow-up emails as an added protection against missed deadlines.


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3) Stop letting calendars control you


Although you don’t need all your calendars integrated with your work stuff (think Advent calendar, Yankees schedule), it’s helpful to have the ability to integrate the important ones, like Outlook and Google. While some legal software lets you sync your Google and Outlook calendars with your case calendar, it shouldn’t be an all or nothing proposition; after all, you don’t want your matter events cluttered with haircut appointments and dance recitals. CloudLex allows you to sync your case calendar with Outlook and Google (and vice versa)—but it also allows you to decide where to sync them (e.g. specific matters), or, if you want (like with haircuts), not to sync them at all...so you’re able to easily see what you need to achieve right now.


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And what you need to do at this moment is sign up for a free demo of our next-gen cloud based legal platform; it’s chock full of state-of-the-art calendaring features and everything else you need to become a modern and efficient personal injury firm…so go ahead and make a date in your calendar for success.