12 Common Misconceptions About the Legal Cloud Exposed (Part 2)

In our previous blog, we detailed 6 wrongly held beliefs about the Legal Cloud and put to bed any misconceptions you may have had...or so we thought—apparently you still don’t believe us. So in an attempt to get rid of any lingering negative thoughts you still have, we’re going to dispel 6 more misconceptions about the cloud…after that, it’s on you. Let’s get going (again):


7) “The cloud costs way too much.”

We love you, but are you even listening? Older tech may have required large upfront investment in servers, software, training, staff, etc., but not the cloud. In fact, if you’re reading this, then you already have everything you need to get started (i.e. a device with working internet)…so unless your mouse is broken, start allocating that infrastructure budget elsewhere.


8) “OK, but the cloud costs a lot to maintain.”

Wrong again. The cloud is cash flow-friendly with low monthly subscriptions and no long-term maintenance fees or specialized IT staff required. With the cloud, features are added automatically (i.e. with no additional effort or cost to you) and security/maintenance issues are handled while you sleep—basically, it’s like Netflix, except you binge on savings and efficiency, instead of crime dramas.


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9) “We’ll lose case files and documents, if we move.”

The only thing you’ll lose if you choose not to switch is a firm-changing opportunity. Migrating to the cloud is simple and foolproof, as long as you have a proper plan in place and a reputable cloud vendor by your side (hello, CloudLex®️). With a vendor like CloudLex, your entire case history is transferred as seamlessly as you transfer contacts to a new phone (quickly and completely)…the only difference is, with the phone, you probably wish some of your contacts would be “misplaced.”


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10) “The cloud isn’t secure.”

The only thing subject to attack is that argument because cloud tech is way safer than onsite monitoring by IT staff. For example, CloudLex is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers so your client data is subject to continuous monitoring/updates and there are secure backups at multiple locations—resulting in zero risks of loss. Plus you don’t have to worry about fire, flood, or outage because documents in the cloud aren’t affected by natural disasters.


11) “The cloud gives my employees too much access.”

The cloud gives your employees more mobility, not more access. That’s because the cloud lets you dictate accessibility limits with features like encryption, user-based permissions, access controls, and two-step authentication for your mobile devices....keeping bad guys out and letting good employees work.


12) “Our clients don’t care if we’re on the cloud.”

You saved the worst for last because this might be the most egregious one yet. Your clients have grown accustomed to cloud tech—from how they order their food, to how they call for a taxi, to how they speak with friends, the cloud is an integral part of their life. So even if they don’t realize that you’ve switched to the cloud, they’ll definitely notice if you haven’t. The cloud allows you to provide clients the requisite level of service and communication they expect—and saves you from having to tell them you can’t get that file they need till Monday (when your office reopens).


Now that we’re done telling you all the things that you may have gotten wrong, let’s help you get things right. Sign up for a free demo of our Next-Gen Legal Cloud®️ and have everyone believing you’re the best personal injury law firm around (‘cause you will be).